The Philadelphia Partisan is the journal of Philly Socialists, founded in 2017 to build solidarity and support multi-tendency freedom of the press.

Mission Statement

We are an online publishing platform and quarterly print magazine dedicated to uplifting the voices, perspectives, and struggles of the working class and oppressed people in Philadelphia. Through our collaborative publishing and editing process, we strive to form relationships between Left organizers from different backgrounds and levels of experience, inspire our readers to join the fight for justice, and ultimately offer a vision for a better world.

We oppose corporate models of journalism, which claim to provide “unbiased” and “objective” reportage while still supporting the interests of the state, capital, and other systems of oppression.

Partisan practices journalism for the people in the context of on-the-ground radical struggle in the city of Philadelphia. Our publication is partisan because we embrace socialist, anti-imperialist, abolitionist, anti-racist, internationalist, feminist, queer and trans perspectives and stories. So-called “non-partisan” reporting predominantly supports the ideas of the status quo. In contrast, we challenge our writers, editors, and readers to make their stances on these issues clear.

Last edited: 11/19/20