New Day 2 Come

by Lindo Yes

Obama look like a freeman,

Giving his house to the Bounty Hunter.

After endorsing the former slave owner, who put us on plantations.

He is trying to convince us, that this is as American as apple pie.

As if we didn’t  get a slice of it at the dinner table,

With Jim Crow, Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom giving us the Trayvon Verdict.

We are hurt

We are scarred

And America wants us to cover our scars with emotional makeup,

You know, grin and endure.

Maybe hold up a fist in silence

But there been too many riots of the Unheard,

We finna to turn up the volume of the speaker, Make alot noise!!!!

Break alot glass ceilings, stomp on alot floors, leave the ground breaking!!

Because we been carrying America on Our aching…lynch back for so long.

And tell me what’s more patriotic than that?!

To love a country that keeps reminding you that it hate you

I mean

The Electoral College looks like a red carpet for the KKK

So we finna to cut a rug

Do a One Two-step

Until we leave footprints of a giant

Because they are trying to birth a nation

We going to abort that ignorance

Plan Parenthoods that raise sons and daughters to a new day to come and I know they going to come for me,

Asking me to say sorry,

But I have been to unapologetic lately

Because I have too much faith in my culture

Too much faith in my people and too much faith in a new day to come

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