Occupy ICE: A Photo Album

Image caption: Red flags pepper a crowd with a large banner in the foreground reading “ICE IS ROUNDING PEOPLE UP IN A SANCTUARY CITY ICE GET OUT”

Photos by Derry Todd

The following are pictures from the Philly ICE office occupation, taken between 5:30PM and midnight on July 2, 2018.

Two people holding a banner that reads “Philly Socialists”
Protesters march; one holds a sign saying “ABOLISH ICE.”
A throng of people with red flags flying and drums beating
00O_4911 copy
Two people stand in dramatic pose with a crowd of people behind them
00O_4374 copy
A person stands amongst a crowd speaking into a megaphone
A person speaks passionately into a microphone
A person speaks into a megaphone
Person holds a sign that says “The Workers’ Struggle Has No Borders”
00O_4861 copy
A banner reading “No Borders”
Two people carry signs making puns about how ICE is also ice. One reads “ICE cracks under pressure”; the other says “Turn up the heat! Melt ICE.”
00O_4606 copy
Crowd of people march down a street. City Hall is in the background
00O_4352 copy
A close-up shot of an activist speaking into a microphone
Picture of disappointed and frustrated faces
Two people march and play snare drums
A protester carries a red flag
00O_4396 copy
An activist speaks on the microphone in a tight shot
An activist reads into a microphone.
00O_4475 copy
A smiling activist carries a mic, followed by a large crowd.
A marcher plays a sousaphone.
A protester carries a banner.
A few people stand in front of an iron gate used to bus in people into the federal detention center.

. . .

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