Black Madam Tells Her Story in Her Own Words in New Memoir, INFAMOUS

Image caption: portrait of Black Madam in front of a nighttime, illuminating city skyline.

Book cover for INFAMOUS

By Black Madam, currently incarcerated in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

INFAMOUS is a memoir of Madam’s life, starting from the day she announced to her parents her desire to get gender-affirming surgery. After her parents landed her on the streets of Philadelphia in 1993, readers learn about the ups and downs of a young trans girl trying to make something of herself out of nothing.

This is a story of triumphs after failures again and again, until Madam—the young Padge Victoria—finally finds her niche as the notorious Society Hill Madam, during an accidental set of circumstances that lead to her setting up a brothel. Thus, with the success of her desperate house of ill repute, she finds the trappings of her new lifestyle too good to let go.

After 17 years of becoming the crowning jewel, Philadelphia’s Red Light facilitator of all things erotic, Madam finally wants out of the business when she meets the love of her life, her beau Mr. Banks. Trying hard to find another means to support her new, well-established lifestyle, she becomes a silicone buttock injection provider to many celebrities and would-be video vixens.

With yet again massive success in her new venture, Madam finally begins to also pursue her own dreams of the stage. She records music accompanied by vivid music videos under her stage name, Black Madam. Many of her buttock injection contacts offer her the connections she needs to elevate her ambition to that of the next music industry sensation, including her patient Kanye West and his then-girlfriend, Amber Rose.

Thus, as Madam works on building Amber Rose’s knockout body to perfection, Amber works on paving the way for the Black Madam to team up with her man, Kanye West, for a win-win situation for all. That is, until a chance meeting with one of Madam’s clients who flies in from London for a second buttock injection service that ultimately proves to be fatal.

With a whirlwind of headlines across international media outlets, Madam finds herself now in the middle of a salacious storm as she prepares herself for a full-on murder trial to convict and send her to state prison for the rest of her life.

INFAMOUS is available for purchase online through the publisher, SureShotBooks.

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