Evictions Unlimited: Protecting landlords from the rest of us

By Suzy Subways

Are you a Philadelphia resident who is struggling to pay rent and keep a roof over the heads of your children? Are you living in fear that your landlord will kick you out because you’ve been late on your rent once or twice, or your kids got some crayon on the wall? Or so he can rent to wealthier people instead?

Well, some say your pain is nothing compared to the pain of your landlord. How dare you bring irresponsible under-age humans onto their property? Why do you think you deserve a roof over your head anyway?

Who listens to the landlord’s problems? In addition to police, judges, and the media, there is a company that cares about the woes of Philly’s landlords. This company, along with our entire political and economic system, considers a landlord’s need for profits to be much more important than your children’s need for a home. This company is Evictions Unlimited.

And yes, this company is real. Its website promises, “At Evictions Unlimited, the attorneys have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a landlord in Philadelphia, and they know the impact that a missed rental payment and/or destruction of your property can have on cash flow and profit margins.”

This company cares. It cares about kicking you out of your home to save your landlord money he doesn’t need. Evictions Unlimited goes to court every day helping landlords. It’s up to the rest of us to fight for tenants and their children.

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