Letter from the Editors: Partizine Volume 2, COVID-19

Dear readers,

Due to printing constraints related to COVID-19, the Partisan has decided to release digital collections of stories in lieu of a print magazine, which we normally release on a seasonal basis. We have lovingly dubbed our online series, The Partizine.

As high summer wanes and August approaches we find ourselves entering the 6th month of life during COVID-19. As we watch our most vulnerable populations suffer while the richest among us profit, we are reminded that lasting and nuanced solutions will never come from the top down.  

In this issue of The Partizine, we bring you stories from the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. From service workers, some of whom are forced to risk their lives for starvation wages, while others are left without employment. From the disabled persons whose susceptibility is treated with darwinian indifference. From the incarcerated persons whose sentences have become even more deadly. 

With those who are of Black, Indigenous, poor, housing insecure, and other marginalized identities being forced to bear the brunt of this trauma, we aim to center narratives which have historically and are currently facing erasure. When these articles cause readers to raise questions with themselves, we ask that the answer begin with that same goal in mind.

Still, as Philadelphia’s government reduces services that provide for the basic needs of residents, community organizations have come from every direction with creative solutions and support. Articles such as “Coming Together in a Crisis” and “Restorative Justice In Times of Social Distance” will highlight for readers a few examples of the fact that showing up in solidarity will be what cures the sickness of capitalist society. 

If you would like to contribute to or receive mutual aid from Philly Socialists visit https://www.phillysocialists.org/covidmutualaid

See “We Were Always At Risk: Service Workers’ Treatment During COVID-19 and Why It’s Nothing New” for resources on how to support essential workers.   

Send us letters to the editors at phillysocialistslocal@gmail.org; or, send to: Philly Socialists, PO Box 3731, Philadelphia, PA 19125.

Follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram at our handle, @PhillyPartisan, for updates.

In solidarity, 

The Philadelphia Partisan 

Editors: Sam Schirvar, Nico Millman, Michelle Laggan, Matteo MacDermant, Devan Johnson, 

Authors: Kerri Hughes, Teresa Rodriguez, Quinn McGarrigle, Noah Strauss, Matteo MacDermant 

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